Just clears cached content. No hassle.

A screenshot of the Clouflare® purge browser extension interface

How it works

The Cloudflare purge plugin uses Cloudflare's API to clear the cache for the URL in the currently opened Chrome tab. The extension has the ability to purge the entire cache for the current domain. It also has the ability to provide information about the caching status of the current URL and tell the location of the Cloudflare node that serves the cached contents. It provides an option to purge multiple URLs at the same time using the options page.

1. Install the Cloudflare Purge Plugin from the Chrome webstore

2. Right click on the plugin and open the options page. Fill in your Cloudflare account e-mail and API key.

3. Open a page of your Cloudflare enabled website in a Chrome tab and click the "Purge Cache" button. The plugin will clear the page from the cache.

4. You can purge the entire cache with the "Purge Entire Cache" button.

5. You can get more information about the cache status and the current Cloudflare node by clicking the "Info" button

6. You can purge multiple URLs at the same time from the options screen. Just right click on the extension icon and select "Options" from the context menu.

How to contribute?

If you find an issue with the extension, you can submit it on project's GitHub issues page.

If you want to improve the extension with a better UI or a new functionality, please clone the master branch and submit a pull request with your changes and improvements.

If you want to propose new features, please do so on the Chrome Web Store support page here.

Release Notes

v 1.8.0: Migrated the extension to use Chrome Manifest V3 for improved security and better compatibility with Google Chrome. Added a list of all user owned cloudflare zones for the current API key on the options page.

v 1.7.0: Added the ability to have multiple Cloudflare tokens and select between different profiles. Fixed a bug with the domain parsing logic. Special thanks to the active members of the community for their great feedback.

v 1.6.2: Refactored the way the extension makes asynchronous requests to the Cloudflare API to follow the Chrome safety requirements and use a background page.

v 1.6.1: Added support for Cloudflare API Tokens. Please check to find out more.

v 1.6.0: Rewrote the whole extension using the latest ECMA script 7 APIs. The extension executes code in a non-blocking manner. Refreshed the UI with a new design.

v 1.5.1: Added a new feature for managing CloudFlare DEV mode for your domains

v 1.5.0: Added support for Mozilla Firefox

v 1.4.3: Masked the API key input. Fixed issues with the parsing of second level domains in the URL.

v 1.4.2: Added an option to show/hide the "Purge Entire Cache" button

v 1.4.1: Fixed a critical issue when purging domains without a leading sub-domain

v 1.4.0: Changed the design to reflect the new CloudFlare design guidelines. Refactored the extension code and optimized the API calls.

v 1.3.6: Added the ability to purge multiple URLs from the options page

v 1.3.5: Added a way to check the error message that gets returned from Cloudflare by clicking on the "Purge failed" red text

v 1.3.4: Fixed an issue when trying to clear an apex domain.

v 1.3.3: Changed the logic for the "Info" button to show the info even when some parts of it are missing

v 1.3.2: Added a new "Info" button that shows the Cloudflare node, Ray ID and the current Cache-Control header values.

v 1.3.1: Pushed a fix for a bug related to anchor links with spaces in the URL. Thanks to "solarroger".

v 1.3.0: Added a new option to purge the whole cache for the domain of the current tab

v 1.2.2: A small bug fix for the refresh functionality caused by auto updates.

v 1.2.1: Added a new refresh timeout option that delays the page refresh.

v 1.1.0: Includes a refresh function that refreshes the page on a successful purge

v 1.0.0: The extension includes all the basic functionality that you need to purge the URL in your active tab.